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Situated in the heart of Paris, the Latin Quarter is very frequented since the Middle Ages, and in a sense has become a privileged witness to the Capital’s history. In fact, following the establishment of universities, notably the Sorbonne, in this neighbourhood, the latter has become the haven of Knowledge.

A common question is: Why is it called the Latin Quarter? Quite simply, education was in Latin, so the students expressed themselves in Latin, which was the official language till 1793. Although modernisation is influencing this area, it remains very picturesque and conserves some sacred medieval tradition. The neighbourhood remains altogether ceaselessly busy, in daytime as at night. Choice rendezvous of tourists, students and Parisians, it is more than ever a must.

Hotel Quartier Latin - Thermes de Cluny

This neighbourhood is exceptionally rich in visits and remains particularly accommodating. Just a minute away from the Hotel are located the well-known thermes de Cluny and the Middle Ages Museum.

Hotel Quartier Latin - Thermes de ClunyDeveloped around the Saint Germain Parish Church, this neighbourhood has evolved as a haven for the drama and literary worlds since the XVIIth Century. Photographs, painters and singers are attracted by this friendly locality. From the Music World: Georges Brassens, Charles Trénet, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg all but resided there. In his workshop on the rue des Grands Augustins, Picasso finished his Guernica. It remains today at the heart of the important rendezvous of political personalities in its famous cafés.

Théatre de l'odéon - Hotel Quartier LatinA neoclassical theatre which, in the beginning was intended to receive the Comédie Française (at that time sheltered in an out-house of the Tuileries Castle). Inaugurated in 1782, the Odeon Theatre, a model of Light Century architecture, was constructed with a view to receiving the Comédie Française. Adjoining the Luxembourg Gardens, in the heart of Paris’ Left Seine Riverbank, it has been and remains the witness of many an artistic and political stir. Narrowly related to the French State, it has become today one of the five French National Theatres, entirely subsidized by the ministry of culture.   

Jardin du Luxembourg - Hotel Quartier LatinPublic garden whose design was in principle opposite that of the princely gardens, it was left at the disposal of the public. For a modest entry fee, the Count of Provence allowed anyone to enjoy the fruit gathered in the orchard.

You shall surely wish to visit also the Plant Gardens and the Great Gallery of Natural History with its dinosaurs.

         Upon crossing the Seine River, you shall be able to discover the Saint Louis Island, and Notre Dame Cathedral.


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